It’s an accepted anomaly that when driving a vehicle you automatically steer towards whatever you are focused on, hence it’s wise to keep your eyes on the road ahead. Life is similar in as much as in order to create the life you really want you must first be able to visualise what that life looks like, in other words focus on the outcome you want to achieve. What life is asking is that you attempt a certain element of pre-determination, but can you see your future?

Let’s imagine for a moment that you are a master magician and you are about to conjure up the exact experience that will bring you that feeling of a fulfilled life that you’ve been looking for… What are you going to conjure? That’s the thing, if you don’t know what to conjure, how are you going to know how to conjure it? Now if you have a vision in your mind of what you are going to magic up, then regardless of how many forms it takes on the way there, you will keep going until you have achieved the desired result.

It doesn’t really matter what the goal is, how big it seems or what the component parts might consist of, all creative endeavours start off as inspiration that when repetitive thought is added become passions or missions, that when consistently stoked and action is taken become momentum towards that inspirational vision even if the vision evolves along the way.

Lately I’ve been reviewing some of my own visions, asking myself if where I am is where I had visualized being? What I realised was astonishing: I managed to create several of the component parts… but missed the big picture by a square mile! Why? Because my focus was on the small details rather than the grand plan. The future that I had imagined for myself became a footnote while I began imagining the details in glorious Technicolor… and of course I steered towards the details.

Along the way, evidence began to stack up of more details and the greater plan got buried under the new images that were filing in from so called reality… “I will just deal with this first…” became the norm and before I knew it, life was in control of me and not the other way around… does that sound familiar?

I’ve found a very peaceful state over the last few weeks, a Zen-like break in the routine where it’s been easy to detach from the details. I’ve given myself permission to relax, recognised the only one pressuring me was me, it’s one of the reasons there have been very few posts on the site. I’ve allowed myself to dream the old dream again and ask if I’m ready now to create the vision in its purest form, and to search the recurrent themes in the imaginings that I’ve been keeping company with lately to see what I’ve been creating unconsciously: I found a broken relationship in there where there should be joyous union, because the image was built on details of the faults of both parties rather than the things that make us beautiful and allow us to inspire each other and nurture growth; I found protracted recovery from health issues because I was focused on the details of how I’d manage if I was ill for another extended length of time. The list of things I’ve been steering towards that aren’t part of my plan is ridiculous for someone who understands the mechanics of the law of attraction…

So can you see your future?

Not only can you see it, you can manipulate it into any form you choose… but choose wisely… and consciously.

Creating vision boards has become a bit cheesy recently but if you are like me and easily distracted by details then let me suggest you crack on and get busy making one. Put your must haves on the board. Paint it, write it, stick photos on it… whatever floats your boat… that way you can see your future every time you look at the board and be inspired to steer that way even if the outer world is trying to bury you under the details.

Here’s wishing you a Zen-like space in the routine to refocus on the big picture.

More later… x


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