There is the ultimate universal truth that is unchanging and then there is the individual’s truth, the sum of wisdom attained and archived by the small self which is subjective and hopefully ever evolving. When we understand that we are all just rubbing along together trying to do the best we can then that rubbing causes minimum friction and conflict doesn’t become the norm. But happens when we confuse the two?

This week’s combination includes Principle 4: I AM Truth with the yellow solar plexus chakra also known as the home of the ego… This is potentially a volatile pairing if everyone involved gets caught up in an ego state of self-importance and assumes they are right and someone else, or everyone else is wrong. Just as high a potential is that the ego whispers lies about how insignificant you are and this then spells the silencing of a brilliant, creative force for good.

Friction is the source of creation, without discomfort we would never be moved to invent anything in the pursuit of comfort or ease, but when we forget to create together or believe our way is the only way “just rubbing along” transforms into feuds that can rage through generations. This being the case, if we allow ourselves to listen to and understand the truths of others, without feeling the need to correct or criticise, without allowing our own boundaries and integrity to be diminished then tolerance can thrive and neighbours can become good friends regardless of differences.

As the week goes on look for opportunities to actively listen to those who have a different way of doing things. Keep your ego in check… nobody’s making this about you. If you can do that, you may come out the other side with a new found appreciation of the diversity of humanity.

Have a tolerant week… x

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