I was taken aback when the Sacred Chalice decided to grace us with its presence for this week’s group reading, simply because all seems quiet on the western front as it were. The Chalice usually arrives as an omen to great change, either positive or negative and can represent either bliss, gain and success, or loss, deep sadness and illness. Which would you prefer?

Of course we all would choose the former, nobody wants to focus on loss but there is something to be said for an empty cup…

If you use the Sacred Chalice as an analogy for your life and its contents the things you fill your life with then a full cup would suggest a full life, would it not? What if it was filled with stagnant contents? A poisoned chalice would not be a place of happiness, bliss or anything to celebrate at all. Having all the contents spilled then, would be an opportunity to first make room before you begin refilling the cup (your life) with beauty, grace and love.

This is not a week to fret about what is coming and what is leaving your life, nor is it a week to brace for impact as the Chalice sometimes predicts, instead this is a time to contemplate and even initiate natural endings as opportunities for new beginnings. It’s time for your psycho-spiritual and existential spring clean and that means being ruthlessly honest about what holds value in your life and what holds you stuck.

Allow gratitude to be your guide as you navigate the people, relationships, objects and situations that have run their course and are ready to be released. Yes, sadness may be a factor in saying goodbye, but so will joy in allowing fresh energy to enter your life and going forward, as you witness new shoots beginning to grow, you will be glad you took the time to ensure that the environment they were born into was prepared for this brand new beginning with no chance of it being further poisoned by what was previously swamping your otherwise enchanted life.

Don’t make a song and dance about this process, let it unfold in peace and private. First make room… and then later you can make magic.

More next week… x

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