As the water flows gently downstream it is contained skilfully by the earth that forms its river banks. Winding so precisely in an orderly fashion, moving as a united flow as the crystal clear water does, the earth could be forgiven for believing that it has control over the water and is manipulating and directing the liquid into going where it deems necessary… take backwards step though and a geological tour through history and you will soon see that it is indeed the water that patiently and persistently carved away at the land, forming a channel of least resistance to exactly where it wanted to go… who here then has true control?

The river of dreams is the flow of Source energy that is an unstoppable stream of inspiration that we all have access to. Like the earth we become channels for its power and flow, but fail to realise that its the inspiration that shapes us rather than we that shape the inspiration.

There are also those who attempt to divert the flow. It’s a relatively easy process to dam up and siphon off the abundant resources and it will work for a time. In real terms that is simply about those who forget the river serves all and there is enough to go around and so instead of tapping into Source they simply take someone else’s interpretation of it… but the river keeps flowing and will eventually burst the dam when the pressure builds up too high.

All rivers, regardless of their given name, are born of the clouds and flow to the sea… along the way they merge into other rivers and we give them new names, they absorb smaller streams and claim the fresh water as their own, they flow around mountains, over rapids and carve out great ravines, they sometimes churn up silt and become impure along the way, they cause great floods and destruction but also give life and bring prosperity to those who honour the flow. As they spill into great oceans they lose their essential nature and become a salty storehouse of even more creative power that against all the odds somehow manages to still support life… until over time, drop by drop, they evaporate and reform the clouds beginning the process anew.

The earth needs the water, the water needs the earth… when they quit trying to work out who has power over who they may eventually realise that it is symbiosis that is occurring and that everyone would be happier if they each did what they are best at.

When the river of dreams flows through you, nobody can deliver it to its destination the way you do. Be the art and the artist, the magic and the magician… You are Source energy and Source energy flows through you.

Principle 1: I AM God, Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted.

There is always more… later… x


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