I’m tired. I know it’s a strange way to start a post but it’s indicative of the point we all get to when the struggle becomes so unbearable we have to acknowledge, not that we can’t go on in the same manner, but that we don’t want to. This is the point where you have to ask: will you choose conflict or cooperation?

Last week you may recall that the Sacred Chalice Oracle offered advice regarding the impending possibility of someone pushing your buttons… it seems that that was taken as an invitation, challenge or instruction by an acquaintance of mine. Honouring my own wounding and attempting to understand his, instead of throwing the rattle out of the pram I when my boundaries were obviously violated, I simply asked if he would like to share the burden of responsibility for what he was attempting to take. I offered to share… to cooperate for the greater good. I’m waiting on a response at present with no expectations either way.

When we are unaware of the true motives of other people’s behaviour towards us, all we can do is open our hearts to them and carry on regardless, but I absolutely refuse to get into conflict over something quite so valuable… to everybody.

Let me tell you about The Wholly Grail...

It cannot be taken from you, you must give it away. If you give it freely it will always be yours. if you are unaware you are giving it away, when you realise it’s gone you will need to fight to take it back… because it is you power.

The truth is that the Grail is a state of inner peace and empowerment that becomes infectious when you allow others to understand it’s capacity to heal. It is abundant and never in short supply and therefore those who seek to take it from you have not yet grasped that they have access to their own.

So when I say I’m tired, it is only that I am at last reconciled with the fact that my light shines so bright that it is blinding to some, so much so that they seek to usurp it, to dim it or to extinguish it altogether, and I fought to keep on glowing, not realising that the effort on my part to resist the onslaught was the very thing that ran down my divine generator… and so I’m tired of resistance.

If I shine on you you are blessed. What I give freely you may share. The light from this candle intensifies with each new flame it ignites and each new flame has the capacity to light a thousand more…  are you prepared to start a fire?

I choose cooperation but I cannot cooperate by myself.

So to all of you I ask, what will you give freely to create a new paradigm of sharing, cooperation or connectedness? Or what will you withhold in the name of self preservation, aggrandizement and conflict?

If I have something you need, all you need do is ask. If you have something that will benefit another, now is the time to offer. Principles 1 and 7.

More later… x




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