I’m sure it was my idea to do a First Monday Challenge but somehow it seems to have tempted fate a bit. Yesterday was an extremely challenging day for me emotionally when due to the snow we have been experiencing here in the UK, I was trapped on the opposite side of the city from my lovely mum on her 81st birthday… it’s the first one I’ve not seen her in my entire life and although she was perfectly happy and understanding, I was really quite upset by it.

Anyway, having been snowed in I was able to dedicate some time to my ponderous nature and allow my inspiration to recharge a bit by giving myself a conundrum to chew over: Is it better to quickly solve an issue or to acquire the tools and skills with which to apply to all issues that arise?

I have two very distinct sides to my life and my work, the highly spiritual and magical part of me that is immersed in angelic communication, faerie touched, witnesses and consciously interacts with the metaphysical and is what some people would deem to be, well let’s face it: “out there like f**king pluto!” Then there is the practical, down to earth side of me the brings the knowledge and wisdom back from those realms and utilizes it to help people. Consider me a bridge between world’s if you like.

The challenge for me is that I find teaching people about their own innate magic far more fulfilling than them asking me to use mine to solve their dilemmas, though I’m told that keeping all I’ve accumulated wisdom-wise is an abhorrent waste… but one promotes independence the other co-dependency.

I feel a bit like The Wonderful Wizard of Oz sometimes, not in a “it’s all a big con” way but in the “you just need to look behind the curtain to understand how and why” way. There are so many people wandering around though not understanding that the curtain is even there, not recognising that they are wearing their own ruby slippers and all the answers are just as accessible to them as they are to me as in Principle 1 and Principle 4.

Now then, your First Monday Challenge is this: each time someone asks you to solve a problem (not just today but going forward) ask yourself which would serve you both better, a) giving them a speedy solution based on your experiences and the wisdom retrieved or b) leading them to their own conclusions by teaching them the skills to connect to their own higher wisdom?

There may not be a right answer, it’s a case by case study.

That being said, what would you prefer to hear from me: the practical self-help/life coaching answers or the magical path to find your own? (I suppose there is always the 3rd option to have both… though I’m going to have to reconcile how to do that without confusing everyone). Let me know your thoughts.

Happy Monday… xxx


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