Life plays out in cycles, sometimes expanding, sometimes contracting. Within those cycles are smaller cycles that play out like small wins in a sea of perceived losses, or minor setbacks in the general direction of an upswing. All has purpose in the overall pattern of life.

Since the back end of 2012 my own life has been contracting, and necessarily so. It began with separation from my then husband, I closed my spiritual academy (the venue anyway) and completely changed how I delivered my teachings. My personal life then shifted further as I began divorce proceedings and before long had to also let go of my 3 fur babies that were my whole world but became leverage for my ex to hold over me.

Throughout the 5 years that followed I suffered bereavement, rejection, an abusive relationship, medical emergency, potential blindness, long haul recovery, poverty, debt, public humiliation and abandonment… I have also known great love, compassion, generosity, healing, support and moreover understanding of my deepest wounds and potential for survival.

At the end of last year, just when I thought I was ready to begin the new phase, another blow came when I was uprooted from my home of 8 years and had to move to a new property. It was the home I had shared with my ex-husband and my doggies, and the last remaining attachment to my old life…

Throughout this time there have been numerous occasions when I have simply asked God to take me. I wasn’t sure I could handle the pain anymore, but each time a small piece of who I was was taken away, a small piece of who I could become was revealed… and how bright that light can shine.

Just prior to the forced dissolution of my old life, I was given the keys to inner peace: The Principles of The Wholly Grail. Every step of the way I have been shown how to embrace each one, apply them, and use them to rebuild from the ashes like a phoenix rising. Pulling wisdom from the debris to guide others through the darkest moments of despair, finding hope in apparently hopeless places and healing myself and others with my gifts from Spirit.

Today, the very next step I take, is a different step from any I have taken before. I could have given up and given in, I could have lost confidence in myself and my life, in my gifts and my wisdom, but through all of my life challenges I have managed to change the lives of others, offer my love and support, my guidance and compassion. I have held the space for some of the bravest, most beautiful souls I know and led them to the deepest and most authentic places within themselves… and the very next step I take is to honour them with everything I have.

This may take me some time, it’s been quite a journey, but I know the next part will be worth it…

More later… x




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  1. Beautiful. And I’m am pretty damn sure you will get there girl. You’re an inspiration to many. So proud of you soul sister. Xxxx

    1. All serves. Thank you for your kind words of support. We each bounce back stronger, filled with new learning whenever we face adversity and come through to the other side. That learning put to good use is how we can serve. x

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