Have you ever just admitted to yourself that you have no clue what to do next and surrendered in prayer? That very admission may be a moment for miracles.

This week Principle 2: I AM Detached joins the deeply spiritual violet crown chakra in that moment of surrender to open your life up to the kingdom of heaven as you let go and let God.

I know it sounds very “church on Sunday” but this isn’t about being born again, it’s about asking the universe to guide you when you have been faffing about in the dark for such a long time trying to convince yourself you know what you’re doing when clearly you haven’t a clue.

I happen to have had first hand experience of this phenomenon just this morning. As I went to bed last night I admitted to myself, God and the angels, that I had no idea how to fix a part of my life in a way that benefits all involved. I identified the exact aspects of what was causing my happiness and health to be affected but that try as I might I couldn’t see a clear path to a suitable solution. I asked for help and for inspiration to find a direction that filled me with excitement and drive so that I could pour myself into a new direction with as much enthusiasm as I could muster, I then completely let go having faith that the answers would arrive in divine right timing… and this morning just prior to waking, I dreamed a dream so vivid about issues I had failed to perceive and new creative ways of tackling them that I can hardly believe how excited I am.

I literally woke up with the beginning of an answer to my prayers…

Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of work to do. God and the angels didn’t fix everything, what they did was hear my concerns, honour my admission that I needed help and provided clarity and direction to set me back on the path. God gave me the nudge so I can become the miracle.

Principle 2 is about being fully present and letting go into what is, understanding what can and cannot be controlled. The crown chakra is your connection to Source and higher wisdom, your arena for creative dreaming and inspiration and, if you let it, the blank space in which an answered prayer may become a viable idea.

As you venture into the week ahead, stop going round in circles  trying to figure everything out and just get present in a moment for miracles, ask, then let go and let God.

Have a blessed week… x

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