Imagine my surprise when the exact same combination as last week was determined to team up again this week to guide us through Valentines Day and beyond! I guess that means with all the practice we must be getting the hang of it…

I love it when Principle 6: I AM Self-Full shows up at a time when we all seem to be conditioned toward expecting others to fulfil our emotional expectations. Valentine’s Day, traditionally a day to celebrate romantic love can cause no end of disappointment if you leave the proceedings up to someone else or if there is nobody else to leave it up to, so being Self-Full, i.e. taking responsibility for creating your own fun, being your own best friend or lover, romancing yourself with flowers, a beautifully prepared meal, and just generally lavishing yourself with loving gestures is a great representation of this combination.

Remember that the yellow solar plexus is focused on joy, so remember to remain playful and don’t take the whole shebang so bloody seriously… it’s your centre of personal power so get to grips with concept of you controlling your own choices, boundaries and direction.

A little note on handling the unexpected this week too… whilst you are focused on pleasing yourself in new and playful ways, don’t get so self obsessed and blinkered that you miss the cue when someone else asks to play with you… stay open. Remember the point of being Self-Full is so that you are fuelled up and overflowing and always ready to share in the abundance.

Have an amazing week… x

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