In part 2 of this series on Conscious Connection (you can read part 1 here), where we are continuing to apply the Principles of The Wholly Grail to building better relationships in honour of next week’s “day of love.” Maybe by using these insights we can begin constructing our personal interactions in a way that means love is our primary driving force every day of the year instead of just on one arbitrary anniversary of some untraceable saint. It is after all the most precious gift we can give to another and accept for ourselves.

Principle 3. Forgive what I cannot alter.

I have made mistakes as I have travelled this road, we all have. Our lives did not come with a comprehensive map. Some of my mistakes have hurt and harmed others, some may have hurt or harmed you. I cannot change what went before, I cannot retrace my steps and erase the footprints I left on your soul… nor can you erase where you failed to softly tread upon mine. Whether the scars be noticeable or subtle in texture, carved into our stories they now serve as experience and a platform for understanding, a beacon showing the way around the pitfalls that once caused us to falter, flail and fearfully lash out… but in order to see the shining light of the torch showing the way, we must remove the blinkers of blame, acknowledge the roles we all play and allow the scars to be gently cleansed by forgiveness.

Principle 4. Hear my heart, for my words are insufficient to express my soul.

We misunderstand because we aim to be right. We misrepresent because we aim to be higher… but we all have a song that yearns to be expressed from the heart, that when through love we choose to hear that melody from another without need for correction or criticism, without need for manipulation, without need for validation or opinion, harmony begins to exist, adding not taking away from our own. The universe is singing with individuality, with inspiration and originality but the song is the same the world over… “hear me, love me, let me contribute any way I can.”

Can you forgive completely, owning your own mistakes? Can you listen without needing to correct and contribute without needing to be right? If the answer is yes then you are on your way to build conscious connections.

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More on Conscious Connection later… x


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