Let’s face it, relationships are the whole point of the ride and unless you are a seasoned hermit ensconced high upon a mountain and well provided for by self-sufficient means, your entire life is made up of various forms of connection, conscious or otherwise.

The next few posts are focused on how you might apply the Principles of The Wholly Grail to your current and future interactions to transform the quality of relating to a conscious level where all parties involved thrive from the balance attained. It takes commitment, self-knowledge and incredible will to move beyond where you are to a new way of relating if you are not already consciously connecting, but hang on in there, the rewards can be truly fulfilling.

Principle 1. Meet me in my wholeness. Honour me as the divine being that I am.

How you currently see the ‘other’ in your relationship is key to creating balance, respect and even reverence. If each partner was able to see God in the other and a genuine desire serve God existed within the framework of their spiritual make up, then the greatest care would be taken at every interaction. Imagine for a moment entering a sacred temple where a divine being was enshrined. The smell of incense wafting through the air, an ocean of floral tributes strewn upon the altar… in what state do you enter? Calmly? Serenely? In awe? Definitely with respect and reverence, right? Chances are that divine being is a statue dedicated to a saint or enlightened one… The significant other in your relationship isn’t an effigy but a living, breathing embodiment of Source energy, does that not deserve a higher degree of reverence?

Before you can begin to grasp the significance of how you honour another, you must first recognise that you too are that same divine essence and worthy of reverence and respect. The phrase “meet me in my wholeness” requires that you embrace your own God-self, understanding that you hold the key to how others treat you. You set the standard of what is and is not acceptable to you. Setting and enforcing boundaries and expectations should be done gently and with the care afforded to a child in the process of learning a new skill or lesson and reaffirmed with your every action. Letting something slide is teaching the other that you do not respect your own divinity but overreacting and lashing out is also denying your own power by feeling you need to ‘fight’ for it rather than simply standing in it.

Nobody’s divinity is more or less than anyone else’s. Combine reverence with humility.

Principle 2. Meet me as I am in this moment. Who you once perceived me to be and who you project I may become do not exist in reality.

This is powerful stuff so take a second to read that last statement again… Meet me as I am in this moment, Wow!

How many times have you made assumptions about someone based on an old outdated set of criteria? Based on the opinions of another’s past experience or of one interaction that didn’t go according to expectations?  How much does history dictate the way you show up in a relationship? Every encounter with a partner, no matter how long the relationship has been in play has the potential to be a completely new experience. Let the baggage go and enter the next chapter with fresh eyes, as an observer of what is.

History is only one element of expectation. In order to meet anyone as they are in this moment you have to let go of any agenda of what you believe they may become. If you you meet that guy and think “I can change him, he just needs my guidance on social etiquette and slight wardrobe adjustment,” then you’re not seeing who he is. If you are seeing that girl and imagining what she’d look like if she shed a few pounds and dyed her hair blonde, then you are projecting an unreal potential onto her that has nothing to do with who she is. Acknowledge and accept what is before you without judgment and without wanting to change it and you are already beginning to create a conscious connection.

I hope that’s given you food for thought until the next post but if you want Personal Grail Guidance on Conscious Connection then check out my Valentine Offer available to the end of February here.

More later… x

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