Yesterday was the first Monday of the month and if you’ve been following you might have wondered what happened to the usual “First Monday Challenge.” Well it kind of got pushed to the bottom of a list of other challenges for me to meet yesterday, so here we are a day late and a dollar short. When, as the title says, you are aligning your intentions with love, it is of no matter.

I just spent an extended weekend placing myself at the service of others: navigating meetings, attending a funeral, running a complimentary day workshop, supporting friends, tending to my elderly mum’s needs (as she’s a bit poorly right now)… and generally doing what I can to make the lives of those that matter to me a little bit more comfortable, bearable even. It’s a very humble place to be and a very rewarding one… though it doesn’t necessarily drive your journey forward, it’s important to remember that arriving at the destination is of less consequence than the experiences you share through connection along the way.

Connection is occupying my mind much at present, certainly the kind of connections that are aligned with the intentions of love and mutual support. So often we find ourselves in relationships that are one sided and the energy flow is unbalanced, geared towards meeting the needs of only one party, eventually causing frustration, resentment and the breakdown of the bond because it’s so hard to see what created the connection in the first place. It’s hard at these times to embrace Principle 1 and see the divine in that person… but divine they are as are you. This Principle aligns you with your own worthiness to receive your highest good as well as to honour it in another but it takes Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted to be able to give and receive in equal measure.

Over the next few posts, in honour of our yearly designated day of love, (probably as prescribed by Hallmark), I’d like to offer up the Wholly Grail as a guide to Aligning Your Intentions With Love and to creating conscious connections and loving relationships. I know I will be applying the Principles in my own life… (It’s about time I took my own advice).

Look out for the posts over the coming days and if in the meantime you fancy a personal Guide to Conscious Connection then check out my Valentine Offer Here.

More later… x

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