Deep in meditation this morning with the intention of clearing the confusion over one thing or another, I found myself shepherded deep into an ancient boreal forest by a guard of Archangels. Lining each side of an almost non-existent leaf-strewn path, the angels funnelled me towards a majestic gnarly oak, so old it’s heavy boughs grew low, covered with lichen and soft moss. Leaning against the lowest sturdy branch was a familiar presence…

God (or Big G as I like to call Him) had been waiting for me to arrive to soothe my confusion and offer guidance on what action I need to take in my waking life. I perched on the bough beside Him and turned to hold His hand (not that God has hands or is even a man, but this is my meditation… however He chooses to show up for you is fine too).

Reassured by this touch and finding no words necessary, G raised his eyes to the sky and I followed with my gaze as a single red balloon with a matching ribbon  floated up through the branches… a reminder of the game I’ve been playing with God all through the last week that has kept me focused on playfulness and re-established our deep connection. He said softly: “Describe what you see.”

The balloon stood out, the angels were just visible as was the bulk of the oak tree but the whole forest was shrouded in a beautiful enchanting mist. Though deep in meditation I could feel the dense fresh moist air, smell the damp leaves and hear the sounds of the forest all around me. Holding my hand G stood up and led me a little way into the mist, I couldn’t see beyond the end of my nose but had complete trust in Source to guide me. We stopped abruptly as I felt the ground ahead of me end. “A precipice?” I asked. He did not answer, just stood there beside me holding my hand. I chose to sit and dangle my feet over the edge. To my surprise my toes were met by a fast running freezing cold stream.

“Now what do you understand?” He asked. I began to explain that I did not know how deep the water was or how far it was to the other side. “And what does all this tell you?”

“That things that seem dangerous may not be, but that movement in any direction without further information might be treacherous and cause more problems than I can anticipate.”

“In other words?” He prompted…

“I’m not ‘out of the woods’ yet.”

I knew that any action I took today to address my query may be a trigger for something or someone, inviting consequences I can not see, so I asked G:  “About what should I write then?” He simply said: “Write about the woods…”

Whenever you move from one state to another, out of one situation and into another, letting go of old patterns, and addictions to embrace freedom of mind, body and spirit, there is a time in between, where one wrong move can set you back to where you began. Stay still, pray for guidance and recognise the majesty of not knowing… G created the woods, He knows where you are and what dangers you face… let Him lead for a while.

Principle 2: I AM Detached is The Wholly Grail’s invitation to surrender to where you are.

More later… x

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