Did you catch the Oracle at the weekend? In it I was welcoming an appealing shift in the energy, lifting recent gloom and inviting well-being back into your life. Sure enough, opening the doors of the previously closed mind to allow in a new era and fresh energy is all it takes to trigger the change, but it takes real discipline to stay out of the trap…

The trap I’m referring to is that tendency to do the same thing over and over, or think the same thought over and over each time expecting different results. This is Einstein’s definition of madness. If you want different results you must take a different action and the action I’m suggesting for now is non-participation.

When you choose not to engage with thoughts, behaviours, situations and even people who have consistently brought you discomfort, disappointment, discontent and dis-ease, you allow yourself the space to heal and the opportunity for these triggers to fall away naturally without you having to experience the drama that attempting to fight or reason with them brings. I know that most spiritually based, compassionate individuals believe in the miracle of redemption and that hope exists in the most hopeless of situations, that level of goodness and faith is a credit to you, but now is the time to save yourself by understanding that the evidence is overwhelming and trying to change the outcome is a futile endeavour… changing your expectation and letting go however is a life giving way of turning your attention to where it is effective – towards YOU!

The fertile mind can produce enormous results when planted with viable seeds (healthy thoughts) and then nurtured by that compassion, goodness, hope and faith and of course supportive action. Now is the time to invest in your own spirit by simply turning away from all that seeks to crush or diminish it. Those seeds that continually failed to blossom may thrive for someone else in another time or place but you can stop now, knowing you gave it your best shot.

You can only be bullied by your thoughts (or anything else) if you engage with them. Bullies are just insecure children who need your attention… you don’t have to provide for their needs anymore. Start providing for your own needs, do that over and over and see what results your Wholly Grail begins to yield.

Principle 1: I AM God and Principle 6: I AM Self-Full.

It’s a new day folks… x

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