The human psyche appears to be an infinite wellspring of replenishing capabilities. It has no limits to its power and potential for creating and recreating endless possibilities, save your ability to set it free to imagine greater. Free your mind… and the rest will indeed follow.

Principle 6: I AM Self-Full, the aspect of The Wholly Grail that puts your own well-being at the pinnacle of your priorities, teams up with the deep indigo brow chakra this week and this combination can spell deep depression… or at least it would if I hadn’t felt such sweet relief in the energy of the cards, so in sharp contrast this is more likely a week when the mental prison doors swing open and you set yourself free of the gloom that has recently had a dark hold on you.

A free mind is a gift to be cherished and would often indicate that Principle 4: I AM Truth is at play, whereby you choose the tone of your thoughts according to your beliefs. This week’s combination however is fully focused on your ability to heal yourself in mind, body and spirit whatever ails you simply by changing your thoughts about it.

Many teachers who use this technique as a central hub to their entire life’s work, take Louise L Hay for instance, are easily accessible via books and YouTube if you need help getting started but in basic terms, what you think, you become.

Because the body is obedient, the mind has control but what we often fail to recognise is that the mind is obedient too, to the consciousness (to a certain extent). It will put up a fight at first when you try to tell it the opposite of what it has held as sacrosanct for so long but that’s because it has been conditioned for the entirety of your lifespan what to think and believe… literally brainwashed. Now it’s time for a new day, a new set of beliefs that can promote wellness, happiness, abundance, love, connection and a more beautiful life. Begin training your thoughts with affirmations such as: “I am happy, healthy, loving, loved and live in peace with abundant resources.” Or: “I am strong, flexible, comfortable and overflowing with vital energy.” Or you could start with simple acceptance: “I am perfect as I am. I love myself unconditionally. Who I am, where I am and how I am are all expressions of divine perfection in this time and place on my journey to becoming.”

If you have been affected by depression recently, take heart that the universal energy is shifting and as long as you take positive, affirmative self-healing action, now is a time when you can truly free your mind and step into your well-being.

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More next week… x


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