New energy is fast approaching and many are considering what circumstances to begin building with this fresh input. For some its a welcome boost in an on going area of life but many more are starting over again.

The path seems to have been clearing lately as old ideas, situations and even some people have fallen away leaving a much needed space to understand better where you are and where you are heading. It may have left others feeling a little rattled, not really knowing where they stand or if they have been affected by the shifting ground and circumstances. The truth is you probably don’t know yet.

Starting over again is a tempting place to throw out the baby with the bathwater and lose sight of the things that still have value in your life, but equally it’s as easy to hold onto what no longer serves because fear still partially dictates the process.

Let’s imagine for a moment that the life you wish to create for yourself is akin to a garden…

Because you have probably been around for a while (I can’t imagine a new born baby popping out of mum and sitting up saying: “Hey mum, pass me that device I need to read Jo’s Wholly Grail insight!”) let’s assume you already have an established life or in this case “garden.” Ok so it might not have the layout you want, it may contain some hard landscaping that needs breaking up and shifting, the beds maybe in the wrong place, stubborn weeds may be rife and the place may at first glance be a damn mess, but there are always aspects you can work with. Once you’ve cleared the weeds it’s likely that beautiful shrubs and plants emerge like previously hidden gems that can now be cultivated. There might even be a veggie patch among the chaos that when cleared and re-seeded could yield an abundance of provisions for you and your loved ones… If you simply bulldoze the whole thing these treasures will be missed and lost forever.

Of course the garden is a metaphor, but looking at your life specifically, before starting over again, sort through the different elements carefully to see what holds value: what tools and skills? What objects and information, situations and places? Most of all what people and connections are still precious to you? It’s so much more fun when you co-create than when you go it alone.  Check out Principle 4: I AM Truth and Principle 5: I AM Liberated for clues.

Happy Planting… x




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    1. Hi Karen, yes we all do. They say no man/woman is an island and its so true. We are creatures of kinship… people need people to thrive. Once you have decided what you’d like to create, others will join you on the journey.

      Love, Jo x

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