If there are a set of markers by which you evaluate your life and how well you believe yourself to be handling the ever shifting tides of progress then this is a week where you may need to face certain truths about your situation and then begin redefining reality accordingly.

Principle 4: I AM Truth, the aspect of The Wholly Grail that needs no justification but rather acknowledges individual perspective, teams up with the intense red of the base or root chakra where the manifest world, your security, stability, physical health and material needs are all highlighted.

The solidity of your physical circumstances are a product of what you believe to be your truth. If you believe yourself to be sick – you will manifest symptoms, if you believe yourself to be without resources – you will struggle to find provisions, if you believe yourself to be unsafe – you will come under threat. This is also true of believing in a positive alternative such as “I am well,” “I am safe,” or “All my needs are met.”

This, however, is not a week to go into denial about what is occurring or to bury your head in the sand, the point of these affirmations is to shift your fixed thinking and then allow yourself to creatively adjust your behaviour accordingly to bring about change, knowing that reality shifts when you do.

If your external circumstances point out health issues, allow your actions to define wellness by adopting healthy behaviours. If your external circumstances point out poverty consciousness then adjust your behaviours to appreciate what abundance you do have and be responsible for stewarding it appropriately… (look to Principle 5: I AM Liberated to help you get started)… and so on.

This is also a week to clear the physical clutter and get to the root of where you are. If you want to move towards a new reality then a good place to start redefining it is to understand where you are starting from. Once you get to the bottom of things, you may find that it’s not actually as bad as you thought and at least now you have a clear path to a new situation.

Make start… take control… you get to decide what your reality can be.

More later… x

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