Happy New Year!

We launch the new year, the new month and the new week all on the same day and that must mean it’s a first Monday of the month challenge day. How about we launch this new cycle with a happy new attitude?

Of course today isn’t special in terms of new beginnings, we give the day meaning when in fact every moment is a new one and therefore every moment supports us in taking a new approach to life, but why not this one?

The Wholly Grail (to be a whole vessel) is, without any doubt in my mind, the most simple and complete guide to living a blessed life that I can think of. The only thing between me and total fulfilment is whether I love myself enough to follow through on its Principles, whether I love myself enough to put aside fear and embrace total surrender to the process… and to trust myself and Source so implicitly that only love can survive.

Source is love. In truth The Wholly Grail we all seek is love… and in my life:  I AM The Grail. Within your life, you are the Grail. The Grail is a symbolic empty vessel ready to be filled with Source, with love…

Once you understand Principle 1: I AM God, you understand that you are the cup and its contents and knowing that, knowing that you are both the vessel and the eternal elixir that fills it, your cup will forever overflow.

We forget where we come from and where we return to whilst immersed in this illusion of life, we believe we have been separated from that which we are… we haven’t. If you are struggling to see yourself as love then you might do well to check out the hidden mechanics of the Grail which are available for Seeker Members on the website (it’s FREE to join here). The Mechanics unlock the obstacles between you and your Wholly Grail.

If you are looking for guidance for the year ahead I am offering a limited number of Annual Angelic Forecast for 2018 throughout January… you can order yours here.

So your challenge for this first Monday and the whole year, in fact lifetime that follows is to know yourself as love… and won’t that be a happy new attitude indeed?

More later… x


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