If you set down your proverbial cup on the raggedy edge of a treacherous cliff and the wind blows hard or the ground begins to crumble, then it won’t be such a surprise when the cup topples and its contents spill. On the other hand, up there on that high cliff, closer to the gods and angels it may yet be filled with more blessings and gifts than you could never have dreamed of.

The Sacred Chalice is fast becoming the most visited card in the Intuitive Chalice Oracle, bringing with it shocks and surprises, thrills and spills and this week it is indicating that risks may be taken, massive leaps of faith that up until now you may not have even considered perhaps because fear played a role or because the timing just didn’t feel right.

Mercury has now gone direct and the holiday season is upon us tempting us to break down barriers and hold out olive branches. Santa is all set to deliver blessings of his own and whatever you are considering is gathering strength and momentum… but the proverbial cup is at the centre of this message and represents the Self in a mind, body and spirit sense…

Imagine if you will, what the chalice requires to maintain composure? Balancing the basics now before risks are taken, surprises are delivered and any kind of toppling occurs, might limit any detrimental effects of stress during this period. Don’t over indulge in unhealthy or downright toxic behaviours like alcohol, drugs, sugar-laden foods etc, rest well, stay hydrated, meditate, nurture you own needs and consider the consequences of what circumstances surround you or what you may be planning.

This is not a post about curtailing your fun or clipping your wings, it’s about fuelling your vessel, checking the instruments, the oil and the landing gear, charting the course and double checking the weather report before you take off on the flight of a lifetime… remember you are the pilot so don’t leave it to chance or to someone else to ensure you can land this adventure intact.

Put your health: physical, emotional, and mental, at the top of your priority list this week and keep that chalice right side up whatever else you’re doing… you’ll be grateful later.

When this oracle card surfaces look to Principle 6: I AM Self-Full, first and foremost for guidance on precautions and healing.

Have a wonderfully balanced Christmas. More next week… x




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