At this time of year patience is short, tempers get flared and people often act from a place that is less about who they are than what they mistakenly perceive. Sincerity is replaced by cynicism and things are somehow filed into neat little boxes along with the sparkly wrapped presents under the tree… things like personal digs and thinly veiled animosity that seem to go hand in hand with people being drawn together.

Peace and good will to all men quickly becomes exclusive and “all men” becomes “except for you because you’ve pissed me off at some time in the last half decade and now I just don’t like your face and every word you utter I will sleight.”

It’s sad to notice that a hand outstretched in a loving gesture in public is actually a hand that appears to give you a psychic slap in the face privately and that the spirit of Christmas has been replaced by the spirit of one-up-man-ship and my one’s bigger than your one.

Is that what’s actually going on?

Are the loving interactions that we are sending out being met with viscous undertones or are the reactions we are receiving filled with genuine good cheer and an open heart and it is in fact our own prior wounding that is listening with prejudice for any hint of those slings and arrows?

It actually doesn’t matter.

You can be dancing on a knife edge between flying bullets and kisses on the wind but when you reflect back from a place of pure love all will heal given time.

To deflect any cynicism during this period try offering your full focus to the person you perceive to be sending negative behaviours your way, but allow that focus to be of love. Recognise the wounded human angel beneath the demon acting out and extend your heart energy to help heal theirs. If it helps you can visualise a stream of energy emanating from you heart chakra to theirs, firstly in a soft pink colour (the colour of the ascension flame of love), allow it to flow softly and smoothly until it turns to mother of pearl in colour (the colour of the ascension resurrection flame which brings up old wounds and memories to be acknowledged, healed and let go of), and hold that vision until the energy turns deep ruby in colour (the colour of the ascension flame of divine service), this ruby ray of energy is your heart energy in service to the healing of another and though this gift may be silent, anonymous and possibly not even felt, it’s effects will transform both the transmitter and the receiver given time.

What is sure though, this little exercise will cure you of your own cynicism and low and behold it may have been you all along that was receiving love from a suspicious standpoint.

Principle 3: I AM Human, Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted.

Now you can truly sign off with

Yours Sincerely… x


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