Building my Power Sphere in meditation with the angels this morning, I put in a specific request with the celestial helpline to widen the perimeter of energy bubble they placed me in (I refer to this sacred space as The Temple of Illumination)… now encompassing my whole house in pre-Christmas quarantine as I contend with my second bout of a winter cold in a just a few short weeks.

It’s hardly surprising really as I’ve been dealing with some stressful changes and having my life turned upside down of late, all of which can have a sneakily detrimental effect on one’s immune system without you actually realising it until it’s too late and you’re already doing a mighty fine impression of Rudolph (minus the flying capabilities).

Despite feeling a bit physically pants though, I’m actually quite chipper and resolute in my efforts to nurture me whilst planning a merry little Christmas with the family. We often forget to do that in the midst of the festive build up… the self nurturing part I mean. We get lost in the drama and intense pace of what needs to be done, where needs to be attended, what should be bought, who should be included… It’s exhausting just thinking about it.

This year I’m concentrating on the important things: my health at the top of the list, the people I love most in the world right up there with me, after all, how can I be of any use to them if I’m feeling less than a hundred percent? I’ve decided to forego the tree and the decorations, the shopping and the cards, and instead put all my efforts into being well so I can be present!

Principle 6: I AM Self-Full is the concept within The Wholly Grail that promotes self-care so that you may be overflowing with love, grace, wellbeing, energy and vitality in order to serve and be present for others… I’m planning on creating the most incredible Christmas Dinner for my loved ones whilst not infecting them with any cold and flu bugs and very definitely no Bah humbugs! That’s enough. Staying merry at Christmas is all about getting your needs met and the only way to do that is to honour yourself and do it for yourself.

The angels agreed and the quarantine stands… at least for today.

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More later… x


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