I’ve been absent from posting updates and insights for a couple of weeks due to a distinct lack of internet facilities during my house moving escapades. Though I’ve moved less than a couple of miles up the road I have to admit I’m currently feeling like a stranger in a strange land. Every noise is unfamiliar and the things I once took comfort in and was inspired and healed by, like the hundreds of birds in my old creaky elder tree at the top of my garden, are now absent from my days.

I’m finding joy in new things now… the view from my bedroom window which looks for miles towards giant wind turbines in the fields and fascinates me for a few minutes each morning, the murder of crows that welcomed me to the house when I first came to view it (as if Odin himself showed me the way). It’s not pretty, not by any sense of the word, but inside hides a little gem that has everything I need and a comfy place to create something new.

When working with The Wholly Grail Principles for any length of time, you recognise the first step on the road to joy is acceptance, followed closely by gratitude. The process from where you are to where you want to be often encompasses letting go, embracing loss and subsequently experiencing grief, but the key is to remember that all in this life is temporary and the less tightly you hold on the more you flow from one vision to the next… hopefully leaving a trail of magic behind you as you go.

Magic is present in abundance in my new home (now), simply because I carry it with me. The Grail is me and the magic is the Grace of pure Source energy that fills me as I allow it to flow through me.

Change is constant. Allow your life to flow with magic by embracing it, accepting it and being grateful for the new opportunities it brings.

Principle 2: I AM Detached and Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted

More later… x

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