Solutions seem a little elusive to me this morning as I focus on the day’s tasks that lie before me. Not the solutions to the tasks though, the solutions to the bigger things like finding somewhere to live that I feel comfortable with, understanding my relationships and where I stand within them, getting to grips with where I want to focus professionally, where to serve, etcetera, those things. There’s a really tiny voice in my head though reassuring me: “If you just take care of the little things, you will figure it out.”

I’ve learned over the last few years that the universe has plans for me that have very little to do with my own, in fact every time I make a decision to go one way, I’m met with an obstacle the size of a mountain that renders my destination not just inappropriate but irrelevant, taking me instead on an adventure that I hadn’t anticipated to realms I didn’t know existed… and all I had to do to get there was put one foot in front of the other dealing with the little things.

Is that the best way to move forward? Heck I don’t know! I’ve tried to plan and strategize and Big G (God, Source, The Creator, Tao) always seems to have an alternative route, and He has better access to the bigger picture than I do… it’s like trying to argue with gravity whilst falling!

I’m asking myself a new question now: “What is it I believe actually needs solving?”

The challenges I’ve encountered along the way have felt significant but never insurmountable, the wisdom I’ve gained as a result has been invaluable, the relationships that have sustained along the way have been a gift and a blessing and the ones that have fallen by the wayside have positively lightened my load.

If I’m honest about the big things, the solutions I’m looking for, they don’t take me any closer to the ultimate dream I have for my life, in fact they would be a distraction from it. The real solution I should be looking for is how do I muster the courage to become who I’m meant to be in order to fit into the big dream? What do I need to let go of? Who do I need to let go of? What do I need to stop being, doing, thinking?

When you know what the right questions are… you will figure it out.

If you are looking for solutions about the big dream, try asking these ones to start off:

  1. How have I underestimated my worth? (Principle 1)
  2. What history am I repeating? (Principle 2)
  3. What failures can I forgive and learn from? (Principle 3)
  4. What is my truest dearest wish? (Principle 4)
  5. What things have I created that now hold me back? (Principle 5)
  6. What actions nurture my mind, body and spirit? (Principle 6)
  7. How can I better receive the grace flowing towards me? (Principle 7).

Shift your perspective today by asking yourself if you are settling for the mediocre when you could be creating the magnificent. Take care of the small things in the meantime while you allow the universe to give you a directional sign. You were born to be amazing!

Have a great week… x


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