The universe is generally a benevolent entity, it’s nature being that of expansion: more, more, more to the point that we often get much more than we can comfortably handle. Positive or negative, good or bad is beside the point and pertains merely to individual preference. You might argue that the universe is just as adept at taking things away, but from a different perspective that could be interpreted as it giving you an opportunity to learn to get along without whatever it was or get creative with what replaces it, after all they say nature abhors a vacuum.

This week’s combination sees Principle 1: I AM God team up with the exuberant yellow of the solar plexus which is often referred to as the seat of personal power or the home of the ego…

Quite a combination.

When your divinity and your ego become partners you become a magnet for all the gifts the universe has set aside for you, but when these two don’t get along and your fearful ego forgets that it is/you are God/Source in human form, that’s when you stop the flow of abundance like closing the gates of heaven and locking yourself on the outside.

This week you have the opportunity to recognise how worthy you are of all good things. The solar plexus is also the centre for bliss, joy and laughter, it’s your guidance system and your centre of preference. It’s called ‘solar’ because it radiates like the sun and invites life to orbit around it, making it also your point of attraction but if fear, low self-esteem and a lack of self-worth fuelled by the disconnection of or failure to recognise your divinity is in play then you will not only stop receiving but energetically reject it and reverse its flow.

In short: a gift from heaven is on its way but you have to recognise it, receive it and know that you are worthy of it and ready for it.

This could come in the any number of forms but most likely it will be a recurrence of something that has shown potential before, something you’ve been waiting for or something that you thought you had previously missed out on… it was just waiting for you to be ready… waiting for you to open the gates.

Have an amazing week… you are worthy… x



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