This is an unusual combination and one I don’t remember seeing before while I’ve been posting the Oracle online. It matches Principle 6: I AM Self-Full with the deep indigo of the 3rd eye or brow chakra and as such it teams vision and intellect with self-interest and personal care.

For a while now you may have found yourself being buffeted by the hopes, dreams and needs of others, not really allowing your own vision to peek through the everyday grind, but this is a week where that has the potential to change dramatically as some part of your personal vision falls into place to remind you that your big dream is actually a genuine possibility.

How many of us have put that big idea we hold sacred to one side because a) we couldn’t see how to make it work, or b) other people’s stuff was higher up the agenda? This is a time where that unshakable ideology that you only allow yourself to daydream about in the moments in between real life could become possible for the first time ever… but…

… Can you desist from pushing down the vision, from putting your life on hold and resisting the urge that swells inside you? Can you say no to distractions and deterrents and finally turn the unshakable ideology into an undeniable reality?

The brow chakra in the Intuitive Chalice Oracle represents prophecy and vision, the ability to project into the Divine Matrix a set of parameters for creation… if you can visualise it you can create it, it’s the ability to tap into the blueprint for your life and add to its expansion… that’s why the ideology is so deeply engrained within your psyche, playing out in a series of wants, needs, desires and drives causing preferences that lead you into ever expanding versions of yourself as you attempt to perfect the vision.

Watch for the opportunity, or as my guides said to me this week “look for the doorways,” they will show you how you can finally find a way to have what you want, what you dreamed of… this dream is all about you.

Enjoy… x

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