Receptivity is a vulnerable state for many, that stems somewhat from a sense of being unworthy of the gift being bestowed or of the apparent generosity of the being that delivers the gift on the universe’s behalf, but this is a week for the effortless exchange of energy as the universe serves up the very thing that provides for your needs.

Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted, meets the red base chakra in this week’s combination offering you a miracle… The form it takes depends on what you most need for your physical protection at this time. Don’t misunderstand me, you are not in any danger, the universe has always been one step ahead of you, but your lower mind has conjured up evidence of some threat or other that often accompanies great change.

As the base chakra tends to your safety, security, health and material wealth, this gift will offer you relief where one of these areas feels uncertain. It may be a physical offer of help from another, advice or the delivery of, to or from what you need.

Where this Principle would normally have you questioning whether to take the gift on offer, there is a huge difference between want and need. This is a need. The effortless exchange of energy comes as you don’t think twice before gratefully accepting the benevolence coming your way in the exact form you need it, as if you were dying of thirst in a desert and the universe provided a well right before you couldn’t possibly take another step. When the need is great, acceptance is without question.

You spent last week being honest about what your needs are… this is the week to get them met.

Wishing you a permanent reprieve from whatever ails you.

More next week… x

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