Having entered a massive shift in my life where all external things have become temporarily unstable and unfamiliar (not to mention incredibly stressful), I thought I would take a moment before throwing myself back into the fray to remind each of us that every day has the potential for making miracles happen.

It takes a very special kind of connection: a partnership with the Divine, to pull off the kind of magic that can sweep you up in a whirlwind and deliver you safely into a new situation where the air is clearer, the opportunities are riper and the music of your life syncs in harmony with the symphony of the universal flow… it’s called faith.

Though this is a shorter than usual post, I took writing  it as my own moment to check in with that relationship, with my guidance and my magical mentors and I’m off now to start making miracles of my own.

Today I pray you a crystal clear connection and may you be guided to where your magic is strongest.

Principles 1 & 7.

More later… x

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