To begin to comprehend this creation story about the crack in the universe you must first set aside your tendency try to reconcile certain paradoxes within your mind, as doing so will only serve to distract from the fable unravelling powerful truth hidden within…

There was a time before time, a time before the manifest universe came into existence, when The Source of All Things (let’s call Him Big G, I do), was enjoying his contemplation of, well, nothing much at all…

Big G was content with being-ness, and appreciating being (or not being as the first paradox may demonstrate) but gradually began to conceive of the idea of expansion… “Alas, if only there was more of Me and to Me than just being-ness. If only I could expand through experience.. Ooh, experience, what’s that?” Big G, in that moment conjured up an image to experience, so intensely beautiful that he became enchanted by its perfection… a single flower.

Ancient scholars continue to debate about the kind of flower that G imagined, some believe it was a lotus blossom, there are those who insist it was an exotic hibiscus, personally I believe it to have been a lily… and here’s why:

The mind of God, so powerful it was, that the bloom he imagined, intoxicating in its essence, beautiful in form and in fragrance became so real to Him that he lifted it to his nose to breathe in its very being… (paradox alert: He has no nose, the flower is in His imagination, it’s all in God’s mind). Upon inhaling this heady perfume and not knowing his own creative power, Big G sneezed so hard that he ripped a hole in the nothingness of His own mind and the sneeze formed what we now call the universe… The Big Bang was in fact a big sneeze… Me, being severely allergic to lilies would have not only sneezed but also gone into respiratory distress and probably died before the universe was born, so at this juncture count yourself lucky that this story is Big G’s and not mine. (And if you’re planning on buying me flowers perhaps you should stick to roses and tulips).

… So, the Big Bang then? So powerful is the mind of God that it can create from imagination something so beautiful and so intricate in detail, so provocative and sensuous from absolutely nothing, that it in itself elicits a reaction in the Imaginer that creates world’s. Like I said, it’s a creation story… it’s the story of all manifestation.

Back to the story: Big G has now by sheer accident brought into being the manifest world as a way to ensure that his beautiful idea of a lily can become a physical phenomenon and can be truly experienced rather than just imagined. Now, He understands that it will take millions of years for the universe to expand significantly enough to produce a star system that contains a planet with such an advanced setup capable of sustaining this kind of beauty, but He has time, after all He’s been contemplating for an eternity so what’s an eternity more? In fact it was in that exact moment that He invented “time” because He needed a concept to describe the growth measurement between the emergence of an idea and its fruition. (Probably another paradox).

So what is the crack in the universe?

On this planet, so advanced it is capable of sustaining such beauty, Big G realised He could experience more, create more, expand more by replicating scaled down versions of His own mind: enter we humans. He knew though that the dense energy needed to allow matter to hold form would cause His army of Mini-Me’s to forget their true nature and so He would forever have to remain accessible to his creation… if you focus your attention hard enough you can follow the flow of the universe back to its point of emergence: the crack in the universe, which is in fact Big G’s nostril which was the origin of the sneeze, where you can travel up and directly tap into the mind of God: the most powerful creative imaginative force there has ever been!

Principle 1: You are Big G’s Mini-Me. You are a powerful creator… he imagined you that way. If you can think it, it’s already halfway into manifest form… though the story is completely bogus (as far as I’m aware) the moral is completely true… and I know this because I found the crack in the universe and skilfully fished it out of Big G’s vast mind… 😉

Wishing you a wonderfully creative week ahead.

More later… x

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