This week’s combination has an overall joyful feeling about it, not in a gregarious or over-excitable way, more peaceful contentment deriving from an inner smile. Life’s simple pleasures have transformed the heavy energy of late into an appreciation for being.

Principle 6: I AM Self-Full has teamed up with the sunshiny yellow of the solar plexus to bring that personal happy bubble back, and you can be sure that the week ahead will be all the more beautiful for it.

This is a self contained bubble and was never dependent on any outside influences… that’s what it means to be Self-Full. The problem is that the outside world may be looking on and asking what it is you’re smiling about? Not that you will be able to fully articulate why a falling leaf has you mesmerized at the wonder of nature or why a few moments alone reading a book generates an inner glow that has nothing to do with the creative content of its pages or the information they contain… it’s the noticing of moments that fuels this week’s inner bliss, moments that you take for yourself.

When I refer to the happy bubble, know that this state is impenetrable by outside interference. The happy bubble can only be broken when you step out of it by forgetting to be thrilled by the simple beauty that surrounds you, the acts of self-love that you can and should gift yourself. Make these gifts simple, and universal. What I mean by that is, everything you offer yourself this week in that act of self-love should derive from what’s available and costs nothing… it is said that the best things in life are free… The falling leaves cost nothing: go for a walk in nature to give attention to them, reading a book costs nothing: give yourself the time to settle down with a cuppa and watch the people go by, pause before you open the book and give attention to the time you’ve offered yourself…

The list of simple pleasures will be different for each of you but the sentiment will be the same: “This is for me. This is a perfect moment that was made for my pleasure and I honour myself by graciously accepting and appreciating it as the magical gift that it is.”

I’m off to bake now… two for one on the gift front: I have a relatively new found love baking and I get to eat cake with a big cup of tea when I’ve done (I might even lick the bowl).

Wishing you a lifetime in your happy bubble and week filled with simple pleasures.

More later… x

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