Did you get chance to read the free oracle on Saturday? It was all about the truth surfacing during dreamstate. I mention it now because I just awoke from a particularly poignant dream full of clues as to what needs to change in order for me to get the best out of this ride. It was like a casting call…

Finding myself at a television studio where senior students are about to begin rehearsing their single focus for the semester, I’m handed a script. The script is a hefty chunk of stapled A4 complete with photos of the original storyline, it’s split into 5 sections which I’m confused as to which order they come in… I don’t recognise the title, I don’t have a clue what the story is about and everyone around me seems to know the script and is preparing for the first rehearsal… and by the way, I have to deliver the news live at 6pm but I have to write it first… and its 2.30pm now and I have to first read the synopsis of the play before rehearsal…its ok, I’ll talk about hurricane Ophelia, that’s news isn’t it? The weather?… Now the list of roles is interesting because on the script notes the director has decided that I have to play the character in the style of another character who I am aware of but don’t know much about, from a tv series I don’t watch. So I flick to see what part in the play this character has and I’m not even playing the leading role… trying desperately to at least read the first paragraph of the introduction I keep getting disturbed by all the other happenings around the studio and the other students who have obviously had a head start with the script which to me may as well have been written in Russian by some apparently award winning art-house writer whose name I can’t pronounce or even spell…

Interesting dream eh?

The truth isn’t hidden here at all but I’ll put its basics a bit more clearly in case they are of help to any of you:

…And the last one for me was the feeling that I didn’t know any of the players. In the dream the other students were all strangers and I just didn’t feel like I belonged. Having a soul family, a supporting cast, is paramount to a successful story: life story, that is.

Wow, looks like I’ve got some work to do! I have no intention of delivering the weather while “rehearsing” for a play I don’t know and don’t like, written by a writer I don’t know and can’t understand, in a peripheral role I don’t suit in the style of a character I’ve barely heard of without a cast I’m comfortable with and feeling like the only one on the team who hasn’t a clue what I’m doing and being distracted from learning by all the comings and goings of trivia… did I mention there was also wine there for a big party? Tempting, but just another distraction.

Principle 4: I AM Truth… apparently in the case of my current set up, I need to check that statement. What are your dreams revealing to you about your waking situation?

More later… x

Ps. This post was written by me, in the style of me (no characters necessary).


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