There’s a tendency culturally speaking, to portray something akin to perfection. This idealised version of the reality you’re living serves to perpetuate the lie that pushes every other person who has bought into the illusion to attempt to mimic it further to the point where nothing is real anymore.

Despondency increases the further we move from a simple truth. The more layers we build up to pretend we’ve got it covered when the phrase itself: “got it covered” implies hiding something fundamental beneath something superficial… like your face beneath a mask (or your whole head beneath a blanket).

I don’t have it covered today. Today is a raw day. Today is a day where I don’t feel up to par and I don’t have the strength to paste on a happy face to pretend to a discerning audience that the world: my world, is perfect. It isn’t. I use the Grail Principles just as much as I teach them and the Principles I’ve chosen today to readjust my own inner brightness settings are Principle 4: I AM Truth and Principle 1: I AM God…

I had a choice to write a post that was real or not to write one at all, when a small voice within me whispered: “All serves.” So here I AM in my rawness, in my truth… offering you honesty about when who you are is enough.

Can you be real enough to say “I live an empowered, spiritual life but some days I just can’t be arsed to get up and face people”? Can you be real enough to say: “My philosophy was born from a need to heal myself and that journey is always a work in progress”? Can you be real enough to say: “Who I AM is enough in its perfect imperfection and my mess serves me but it may also inspire others”?

I’m not afraid of my mess… it inspires me to help you through yours… it fuels the most joyful moments of my life, the most intense learning experiences and deep blessed healing…

Today I thought I’d show it to you so you don’t have to try so hard to hide yours. You are enough.

More later… x


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