October, Wow! Seriously? As it’s the first Monday of the month that must mean we are ready for a Grail Challenge, right? Okay, what if I told you everything you ever wanted is sitting just beyond a thinly veiled curtain and all you had to do to manifest it was to breathe it in gently, relaxing fully whilst peering through to eternity?

You would ask me what I was talking about right?

Peering through to eternity is your ability to look through the veil with crystal clear vision at the image of your chosen future.

The veil is not made of anything except your desire combined with your belief, combined with your sense of worth… pure potential. Eternity then, isn’t so much about how long it takes to bring that desire into the here and now (through the curtain), it’s more about how easily you melt into your own miracle-slipstream or come into full alignment with your vision, hence breathe it in gently and fully relax.

If you are anything like me, then peering through to eternity is really easy… I have 20/20 vision through the veil (I must have been born with special goggles), the bit I struggle with is the relaxing about it and that’s down to three important Grail Principles, the first of which is that worthiness thing I was talking about… Principle 1: I AM God. In my less empowered moments I freak out just like the average Jo/Joe asking: “what the heck makes me so special that God would let me have that miracle?” …and then I remember that I AM an aspect of the Divine and to deny me would be to deny Him/Her/Itself… ludicrous! God (or whatever your chosen name for that Higher Power is) is just waiting for me to remember that I created the vision using the same matrix that creates form (mind moulding matter).

The second important aspect is Principle 2: I AM Detached… again with that breathing and relaxing thing! You have to remember to let go of the outcome. I can hold it for so long before I start to question but as soon as I question I stress, as soon as I stress I tense up and tensing up leads the breakdown of that third important aspect of the Grail: Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted.

To close the heart means to forget how to receive, how to allow the energy to flow to you, through you and from you. As everything in the universe is made of energy (both sides of the veil… in fact scrap the veil, it’s not real, it’s an illusion built to fool you into thinking that where you are now is separate from where you want to be just so your head won’t explode at the enormity of it), how are you going to draw your miracle made manifest into your life if you’ve closed your heart and stopped the flow of that energy? Basically you’re rejecting the very thing you’re asking for!

So then your challenge for this first Monday (of which there are only 2 more this year) is to picture your chosen reality as if it’s already here, lean into the non-existent veil, peering through to eternity and breathe life into it, relaxing all the while as you believe it’s already yours, it’s already a done deal and you’re not only worthy of it but joyously sharing in your good fortune with those you love.

Challenge made… Challenge accepted?

Let me know what you see when peering through to eternity and what so far has stopped eternity from arriving?

More later… x

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