Effective communication doesn’t have to come from a place of complete understanding, it can just as easily flow from a place of seeking to understand. The difference showing up then as a series of open questions and a passion for learning and growth. In order to arrive at this innocent hunger for knowledge one must enter discovery mind.

The ego has it’s place but not in the heart and mind of a Seeker. When you admit “I don’t know,” you open yourself to the inflow of new information simply by emptying yourself of hubris and the need to appear more clued up than you already are. “I don’t know” is a powerful statement of admission, Principle 4: I AM Truth. Following “I don’t know” with a question is an even more powerful statement to the universe that you have entered into a state of receptivity and the inward rush of miracles can commence, Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted.

Discovery mind is your default setting, you incarnated with the intent to expand and you can only do so by taking in more… more information, more experience, more energy… and this absorption takes place in stages: first we seek outside ourselves for new experience and then we seek within ourselves to understand our own truth about what we’ve learned. “As within, so without,” or “As I understand it, so shall it be.” This affirmation of perception illustrates the flexible nature of reality for any individual soul based on their current state of evolution, and your current state of evolution has been determined by a power higher than yours so why then would you need to pretend to be other than you are just so nobody sees your innocence.

We are all Seekers and we are all teachers. This exchange, regardless of circumstance, good, bad or ugly, is written into the Divine Matrix and can be no other way. Your ability to recognise your greatest teachers is simply dependent on your receptivity to the lesson… and sometimes that’s only obvious once you turn your attention inwards to attend to the second learning phase. Those of us who openly enter discovery mind reach out for new learning, but only those of who then search within will find context and understanding.

More later… x

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