Waving flags and warnings should never be ignored and this week’s combination is indicating that something precious could be at risk if you fail to heed the signs.

When Principle 2: I AM Detached meets the power-filled vibrant yellow of the Solar Plexus, confidence is riding high and understandably you are enjoying the path step by step, seemingly uninterested in the dramas playing out around you. This is a blissful state to be in because detachment is the art of observing without being drawn in, just doing your own thing without needing to grasp at outcomes, without agenda other than to discover what every opportunity has to offer by way of more experience and sensation. It is the sublime state of The Fool in tarot, an innocent mind seeing everything anew…

But you’re not innocent, and something’s are not new. Issues around you are likely to threaten your bliss if you fail to acknowledge them in some small way.

This week will bring a feeling or subtle signs that something that currently sits at the periphery of your focus is requiring your attention. This might be a task that needs completing, a bill that need paying, a structure that requires maintenance, an ailment or physical symptom that warrants investigating, or a partner or relationship that is losing its way and is in need of reassurance.

The Solar Plexus is the energetic body’s guidance system and the waving flags and warnings I’m referring to are the gut feelings you get when something isn’t quite right. Your detachment, which has been a theme for a couple of weeks, has had you ignoring or suppressing this vital intuition so as not to let your moment to moment happiness turn to unnecessary worry. Worry is not the answer to this niggle, attention and action are far more effective.

Do not be tempted to give up your detachment by launching yourself fully into the drama of it all, but nor should you confuse detachment with ignorance. Ignoring a thing will not make it go away, usually it serves to make it scream louder. Besides, there are things that you would miss if they did disappear from your life so protect and nurture them now.

Whatever message your inner knowing is telling you about the condition of your external reality is probably right on point this week so ignore it at your peril. Let the person, thing or issue know you have witnessed there is some kind of need, (even if this is a symbolic gesture of putting it on your to-do list), letting it know you care. Once the action required from you or by you is clear, figure out a way to take it only if it is for the highest good of all concerned. If however your attention is simply being pulled towards a thing for the sake of having your attention, then now is a good time to reinforce your detachment and protect your bliss bubble.

Wishing you a beautiful week ahead… x

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