Some points during the annual rotation have more clout than others. I’m told its an astrological thing and that maybe so, but whatever the cause I’m poised to celebrate new doors opening as we step into a new season and this equinoX marks the spot.

Teaching a meditation and development class last night I was reminded that my life trots along nicely in 9 year cycles (as most people’s do) and as this is a “one year” in numerology, we all began the year with high hopes of dramatic relief from past struggles. On a personal level, from the date of my birth, I’m only just now approaching and flipping into my own 1 year.

Nine years ago this Autumn I left a well paid career to start my own business (in the middle of a recession)! Nine years before that I left home to claim my independence… and that is the main treasure for me: breaking free in Autumn at the start of the cycle to start something completely new as I enter the Spring of the following year.

What I want to point out though is that I didn’t plan any of those big moves. I hadn’t schemed and plotted my escape in either case, or even with the big changes that preceded the ones I mentioned. In every case I was presented with a moment of clarity, followed immediately with an opportunity, followed by an exit point… and then once I had already made the leap of faith and was freefalling without a chute did I start making a new plan.

On this treasure map of life when you stumble across the giant X it’s time to act. If your map is anything like mine, you’ll find it is written in invisible ink until you line up with the time and place for it’s secrets to be revealed.

Stay wide open for opportunities now because the year isn’t over and your personal destiny dial has it’s very own timeline. I’m excited to see what this cycle is bringing in for me (and I’m chucking my own plans out of the window because the Divine’s plan for me usually turns out to be so much more exciting).

Principle 2: I AM Detached and Principle 4: I AM Truth.

Happy Equinox… X

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