Divine timing is a tricky phenomenon to negotiate. For any plan or idea to work to your full advantage you have to know the optimum moment to launch yourself towards the outcome you desire. The leap of faith needed to transform the potential into the tangible is often less about faith and more about calculated risk: discerning the jumping off point is key to landing safely into your chosen scenario of success.

I remember as a kid, learning to get on and off a spinning roundabout safely without missing the spot or going hurtling head first towards the tarmac (we didn’t have all your soft surface playgrounds back then you understand, none of your “health and safety gone mad” measures you see today). The trick was to jump early…

When you see the moment approaching, by the time you have thought to yourself “I’ll go now” the moment has past you by and you have to wait for it to come around again.

Life is very much like the roundabout, it is moving in constant cycles and often when we think we are ready to jump it is because life is riding high for us so we are reassured of a soft landing or a favourable reception, but like The Wheel in a tarot deck, fate and fortune are always at play and the point at which you are most secure, the external circumstances are already transforming into less favourable. If I was a master of ancient Chinese philosophy I’d be probably be describing yin and yang and saying “the seed of night already exists within the height of the day,” and vice versa.

You may be looking at a situation in your life right now and feeling bemused because it appears that the optimum moment to make your leap of faith is cruelly moving further away from you. Things don’t look so favourable now and your insecurity is rising making your ability, or more accurately your willingness to jump less likely. This is the point when you shrink back and wait for it to come around again… but here’s the thing: when it spins back in your favour, by the time you’re confident… yep, you missed it again.

The moral of this story is that there is never a good time to jump, that’s why it’s called a leap of faith. That point on the roundabout that you’re aiming for is not the only point on the roundabout, the height of the day is not the only point in the day, the important thing is to get on board and start the ride even if it’s a less than elegant landing, even if you have to adjust position once you’re on-board, even if you have to cling on for dear life feeling a bit disoriented and dizzy by the change in perspective, perhaps even a bit battered and bruised by the handlebars as you awkwardly grab hold of this spinning adventure.

The Wheel of Fortune doesn’t stop to invite you to climb aboard, if there’s something you want, don’t wait for it to tell you it’s ready before you commit to it and jump… ready lasts for only seconds… if you’re waiting for encouragement, this is it, but the actual leap is all up to you and whenever you’re ready (but better still just before).

Meanwhile life keeps spinning.

Principle 2: I AM Detached

Happy Monday… x

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