Time seems to be moving so quickly at present it hardly seems to be a full week since I was writing the last oracle reading and similarly no time at all since this combination arrived to enlighten us. The Seventh Sacred Direction is a place within, where the absence of time permits us to observe the outer world without being drawn into its madness… and that is where this week’s combination is leading us.

Principle 2: I AM Detached graces the vibrant orange sacral chakra with a reprieve from outward stressors this week by anchoring your attention within the Seventh Sacred Direction… Let me explain:

Symbolically speaking, in front of you is the future, behind you is the past, and to either side of you are lateral occurrences happening with other people or in different geographical locations, for example, the lives of friends, the decisions of political regimes, the anomalous geological and meteorological shifts the world is undergoing. All of this stuff is beyond your control but when you focus upon it it can bring great drama and increased stress into your life.

Below you is your connection to the earth and the present moment. Grounded and rooted in the present, you have all your power at your disposal. Above you is your connection to your higher power, God if you like, again symbolically because in reality God is All-That-There-Is and so effectively everywhere. Connected here, we have access to a higher perspective of the present moment… then there’s the Seventh Sacred Direction and you are that direction. Connecting fully to this powerful centre offers you the opportunity to step into the role of the observer where the four lateral and peripheral directions can be viewed with compassion but from a neutral standpoint i.e. detachment. Here, outcomes, unknowns and unknowables are accepted as pure potential and therefore worry is an obsolete endeavour.

The sacral chakra in this combination is indicating what we must detach from this week and so relationships, friendships, social connections and intimate partnerships are being highlighted.

Don’t freak out, nobody is asking you to dump your lover and move to an isolated location to become a hermit. When you step into that sacred space within, you are still able to interact and be a part of your world without being drawn into its craziness, without needing to fix it, without needing to play a central role in it and recognising that it doesn’t play a central role for you (unless you allow it to).

This week is about handing back all that is not yours to carry, the inadvertently accepted responsibilities of relationship that distract and deter you from your main mission… which is you.

I’ve seen many of my own friends and acquaintances take a temporary sabbatical from social media this week, others retrieve their energetic ties from demanding associations and many who are still being cajoled and tussled by stuff that just isn’t theirs, whom this oracle is advising to detach and centre.

Take a look at your connections this week and see which ones are nurturing, which ones are draining, which ones are so intertwined that you cannot see where you end and another begins and pull back to individuation. Allow everyone to carry only what’s theirs.

We can walk side by side on this journey but only once you have discerned where your sides actually are.

More next week… x

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