Wherever you are in your life, whatever stage you are at, it’s helpful to stake a step back and gratefully observe what you have created, what you would like to let go of, what you still would like to create and how you will achieve it and make it better than you have before. Assessment assignment attainment and atonement is my mantra for creating it better, brighter and more in line with who I am becoming whilst honouring who I have been.

Remember the path you have taken to get here fondly as it gave you the tools and the wisdom, thus creating the opportunities you have now to choose differently. Start by assessing where you are…

Assessment: when was the last time you did a full inventory of your life? I’m not talking about the things you own, I’m talking about the things that bring joy and equally the things a that bring pain. How much time do you invest in the projects you love, the people you love? How much attention do you invest in your health and well-being? Where could you reduce the burdens and stressors in your life by simplifying your daily routines and easing off on your commitments? Giving yourself time and sometimes distance to do a thorough self-inventory and life laundry is the first step towards creating a better version of you.

Assignment: once you know what you want to build on and what you want to begin anew, a mad rush to transform what already exists can ensue. Rushing head long into everything at once can be a daunting task and so you have to allot yourself an achievable version of the plan: an assignment. Actually there needs to be two assignments, the first of which is the area you want to change or tackle first and the second is a smaller task towards that first assignment that you can achieve today.

Attainment: without those smaller daily assignments the total transformation can be overwhelming and it is ever so easy to give up if you cannot see measurable progress. To attain a goal, even just a small daily task, gives you a small win to celebrate and keeps motivation and momentum going without you needing to constantly remind yourself why you’re doing it. It becomes its own reward as you step into a successful mindset… then you just keep setting new assignments towards that greater goal on a daily basis and rinse and repeat.

Then there’s that atonement thingy…

To whom should we atone?

You could start with you. Back when the assessment began you were obviously not 100% happy with the status quo or the last 2 stages would be insignificant. Now might be a good time to reassess how far you have come and once again honour who you were before for bringing you to a place where you understood enough to change what wasn’t working for you.

Atonement: honour yourself for all that you are, forgive yourself for all that you aren’t, praise yourself for all that you have overcome and accept yourself for the powerful creative force that you were born to be… and you were born to be just that.

Atonement is the beginning and the end of the cycle of loving yourself unconditionally and loving your life enough to make it the best one possible.

Principle 1: I AM God, Principle 3: I AM Human.

More later… x

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