The light of my life is celebrating a birthday today so this cake and candle story is for him, but the moral of this story is nothing to do with birthdays and it applies to all those of us who know how it feels to want something you cannot have…

Imagine if you will, that after feeling poorly for quite some time you pay a visit to your doctor:

You: “Doctor Doctor, I feel so poorly I don’t know why.”

Doctor: “If you ever eat another piece of chocolate cake it will kill you!”

Stunned, stricken and downright heartbroken that the most beloved food substance you can get you mouth around is now not only forbidden but lethal to you, you wander home through a haze of tears… Upon arriving home your mum is waiting for you. She knows how low you’ve been, she’s worried for you and has decided to cheer you up… as you open the door, there she is standing with a giant homemade (yes you’ve guessed it) chocolate cake, complete with a candle and everything!

So there mum is, standing with the killer cake and the candle having no clue about your diagnosis, presenting you innocently with your nemesis… what do you do?

Just because you know the cake is bad for you, do you love it any less? In fact knowing that you cannot have it, does that make it even more desirable? Eating one piece could blow your proverbial candle out and you are now standing there distraught, knowing that not only are you going to have to abstain from this temptation but you are also going to have to let your mum down and explain the dilemma… or you could just eat it and die happy from your addiction, couldn’t you?

You might wonder what all this has to do with the Principles of The Wholly Grail? Principle 6: I AM Self-Full is not always a clear choice, it usually comes down to a toss-up between short term gratification and long-term health. As my own mum, now 80 years young, points out regularly, if you can’t have the things you love then what’s the point of living anyway? As we point out to her, there are plenty of other things she loves that aren’t bad for her that would give her longer to enjoy them… it’s a choice.

So, for this special Wednesday, weigh up the costs of desire versus detriment, addiction versus advice, Self-Fullness versus self-indulgence and decide if you can’t live with it or you can’t live without it.

It’s all about choice. And it’s your candle!

What’s your personal “killer cake?” (Mine is the birthday boy… Happy Birthday Sunshine)!

More later… x



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