As you step into the next few days, do so welcoming a wonderful weekend. We tend to acknowledge such things after the fact, when something has already proven itself to be so we will sing its praises, but what if by singing its praises in advance we can actually encourage it to live up to expectations?

A few days ago I wrote about a big empty space waiting to be filled with whatever I decided to create, it wasn’t a popular post with some, I even admitted that there maybe those who would find it and me flaky, but here’s the thing: having given myself the space to create from scratch if I want to, having given myself permission to start over with a new set of paint brushes and a brand new palette, I have also issued a decree to the universe that I’m ready to invite adventure into my life.

How would you feel if you truly walked into your weekend believing absolutely anything is possible and whatever you turn your attention to can become your reality? It’s liberating, exciting, exhilarating, inspiring… letting go of all that went before makes way for playful exploration of the new rather than more of the same.

When you were a child and someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, how did you respond? An astronaut? A Zoo Keeper? A Fireman? (We didn’t bother with all the PC/non-PC shit back then). Did you want to be a Superhero? Of course the answer doesn’t matter it’s the concept of having an unaffected mind that could become any number of amazing or ridiculous things until the time when others told you what your options were and your imagination became narrow… how many of you thought “Actually I intend not to grow up at all, I’m enjoying being me right now… what’s your hurry trying to get me to stop just being a kid already?”

That’s how I’m entering this weekend.

By welcoming a wonderful weekend you are opening your arms and your heart to whatever Source energy is willing to throw your way. You’re taking off the blinkers and seeing all the possibilities for the first time. It doesn’t mean they were never there before it just means you were blind to them and now you can have a full-on birthday and all your Christmases at once thinking: “All this? Just for ME?” You have choices.

Sure, that won’t be popular with everyone, especially if they cannot see how they fit into your new reality but they will soon see that it all works out for the highest good of all and everyone will be happy with the results (as soon as they choose to be). And besides, when exactly did you tell them they would be excluded?

The empty space will be filled, nature abhors a vacuum. Fill it with wonderful!

Wholly Grail Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted.

More later… x

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