It’s the first Monday of the month, September no less and we should really be laying down the gauntlet to be the light. Not least because it’s already started fading here in the northern hemisphere, more relevant than that is the unmistakable rise of darkness being felt in the hearts of those seeking, or seeking to keep power.

I’m not heading into a socio-political discussion here, there are enough people out there with far more wisdom than I when it comes to these matters, I’m simply observing the rising fear among the masses both local and global that shows itself as attempts to drain light from those who refuse to succumb to the overwhelming effects of 3D existence.

Each day we step foot into the world with an open heart and a willingness to engage in spreading love and peace and empowerment to all those we meet, we become a beacon of hope that a better world is possible… but hope is a dangerous thing and a beacon can also be a target. Hope gives the everyday Jo (or Joe) the courage to stand up and say: “Oh no you don’t, not on my watch!” It gives everyone blessed by it, the bollocks to be real and to offer up a version of themselves that is fuelled by a higher intention. A self-sustaining, renewable light burns brighter with each heart it touches… and the more hearts that shine the more startling the beacon and the bigger the target… and the roar of the fearful ones grows louder and darker in defiance of that light…

But that light is also a shield.

No matter the darkness that attempts to consume you, your light cannot be extinguished while ever you remember who you are:

Principle 1: I AM God and so are you. The power is inherent within you. Be the light… that’s your challenge today and everyday.

Call in angels from the heavens to raise you up, lift you up, light you up; to add their light to your light, to unite you with the light workers of the world who will spill out that universal balm in an unending stream of Source energy anchoring here on the planet a new wave of consciousness built on cooperation, respect and mutual responsibility for the healing of all humanity and the restoration of balance.

I know it’s in you.

More later… x

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