A few years ago I put together an event called Fat Tuesday. It’s name stemmed from the celebratory idea of Mardi Gras (which does actually translate to Fat Tuesday), but it’s concept was all about being happy and healthy as you are. So many people are fixated on the body beautiful or at least some unobtainable idea of it promoted by the media, that we have all but lost sight of the most beautiful thing about having a body: the ability to revel in sensation as it houses and transports your spirit around this mortal life. Today I’m fully focused on being happy healthy and high energy!

…but recently that hasn’t been the case.

How often do you find yourself out of touch with your physical health? How often does your body have to remind you that you have a duty to care for it?

Lately I’ve been feeling way older than I should… things creak and ache when they shouldn’t, my flexibility has reduced quite a bit in the last year and I’m finding myself more tired more often than usual… it’s a message that I’ve been ignoring but I cannot continue to be blind to the warnings.

Mind, body and spirit… the wholly trinity (yes, I spelled it correctly) of Self-Fullness. When all three are in balance we become an unstoppable channel for Divine service, but when one side of the triangle is depleted in any way, the whole is ineffective and illness follows.

Principle 6 of The Wholly Grail: I AM Self-Full, centres around self care and is totally focused on strengthening the triangle beginning with the physical body… the mind will deteriorate without a healthy body: adequate sleep, nutritious food, appropriate exercise and optimum hydration. The spirit will wither in the absence of a strong dwelling place and in competition with the distraction of physical discomfort… so what are you waiting for?

Though we all have commitments to uphold and attend to, the first commitment I’m making today is to myself… I deserve a life that’s happy, healthy and high energy… you do too (but you have to do it for yourself).

Leave me a comment below about what different choices you’re making about your health and happiness today.

More later… x

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