“This too shall pass.”

A statement meant to comfort, clarifying that no state of being is permanent and therefore if you don’t like how things are you need only wait, and with the passing of time whatever is will become something new.

As human beings we take comfort in only a part of that story, simply because we crave stability to counter the uncontrollable effects of change and evolution, we fight against the passing of anything except our most excruciating experiences which of course we welcome the release of and from.

Developing reverence in the transitory nature of everything is a matter of observing from a detached perspective the cycles and seasons that come and go, reflecting every aspect of birth, life, decay, death and eventually rebirth. For me at this time of year as we begin to notice the daylight hours shortening, the acorns falling and the out-breath of nature sighing as she gives up her harvest before she sleeps, I begin to feel the passing of time more keenly than I do in the early spring months… spring is where life returns whereas autumn signals the beginning of the end… in truth it is all passing and it will all return, always in a different form… next year the oak will be older and taller, the acorns will have transformed into a saplings and what has passed will provide sustenance for the new growth.

This natural progression of unfolding is true of everything. Nothing is outside of nature, everything has its season and all will leave behind an imprint that goes on to nourish what’s next, even if it’s just a memory, a blessing and a lesson.

Principle 2: I AM Detached asks that you stay present with what is. By honouring what is, you pay homage to what was and participate in the creation of what is to come.

Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted asks that you do not grip onto any thing, anyone, or any circumstances. Let all flow to you, through and from you… unconditionally love what you are offered without wanting to change its essence for it is in essence already changing… be prepared then to love also what it becomes.

“This too shall pass.”

More later… x

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