Recently I’ve been questioning my direction. It happens when I spend too much time in the mundane, what people naively call reality, and I forget that I have the skill of walking between worlds. All it takes is a little magical thinking to transverse the dimensional gateways leading to other realms where wisdom is waiting to be acknowledged and accepted.

My spiritual path led me to the Grail. A sacred duty was bestowed upon me to prepare and present the Principles in such a way that all would have, not only access, but simple tools to recognise how they could find, retrieve and maintain their power in the illusion of resistance we call this physical existence. Handling the interaction of relationships where many have forgotten or chosen to disavow the Source of all power and instead attempt to usurp their supply from one another has on many occasions forced me to fall asleep in a temporary trance where the walls between this world and the unseen magical world closed down to me… but they never closed down to me, I simply kept forgetting how to see.

We all have guides and inspirers from other plains. As children our minds are open and the world’s have few barriers, the veil is thin and magic is everywhere… because we choose to see it: energy, spirits, Fae, angels, ancients, offworlders, otherworlders, masters, fantastical beings, etc. It’s hard not to lose the sight… it’s harder when you do.

The Wholly/Holy Grail has been wrapped up in magic, mystery, alchemy and the arcane for millennia… I have thus far kept it basic, understandable, entrenched in what’s known and understood, in the science of the psychological… but I had to wander through the realms to find it and I’m considering whether I should outwardly step into the role assigned to me by Source to take you the rest of the way…in. There are those who will not be comfortable with my magical face, there are those who will assume I’ve lost the plot because they cannot yet see what I see, they have long since lost their magical vision, their imagination and thus the keys to the other places that exist alongside our own… but there are those who have waited patiently for the hidden Priestess to rise once again and reclaim her place as a guide through the unseen domains where the wisdom keepers dwell.

I haven’t decided how to proceed yet publicly. Perhaps you would like to let me know how you would like to find your Grail… would you like me to take you around… or through?

Mundane… or Magical?

Either way… I AM Truth (Principle 4).

More later.. x

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