Contrary to how it might appear, this combination of Principle 2: I AM Detached and the healing emerald green of the heart chakra are not suggesting that you detach from your feelings, this is actually an instruction to feel into this moment.

The heart may be craving space this week and looking for escape but the tendency maybe to search for that space through time by surfing back through memories and dwelling too long in a place that no longer exists. Conversely you may project so far forward to escape the intensity, that you lose sight of how to connect and co-create in the present… then there is the third mistake: placing your heart energy laterally, not through time but through space, perhaps to somewhere or someone that is absent, abroad and unseen.

All these expressions of attachment are draining your ability to heal emotionally and allowing the very energy that fuels your internal wisdom and creative drive, to escape into the ether.

Your story is being built in the centre of your chest this week and only by detaching from everything else and becoming fully present with what you feel, no matter how painful it might at first appear, can you alchemize that power into a force for change.

The space you crave will reveal itself when you sit with what is, when you open your heart no matter how broken, swollen or bruised to the enormity of what is… and what is is life, a powerful transformative surge from where you’ve been to where you are going… but you can only arrive when you accept where you are.

Silence the mind, stop searching. You have found what you were looking for within the emerald temple of the heart, sacred space within to dwell, to heal, to craft a new reality born of the reconciliation of all the pieces of self that were dispersed by the passing of time and taken far away by those who travelled to other realms, physical and non-physical, with whom we invested something less than unconditional love… but love all the same.

This week remove your energetic hooks and chains from all others everywhere, every when. Take back what has essentially always been yours. This moment has power… but only if you give up trying to escape from it, only if you stop resisting it, only if you feel into this moment and recognise yourself in all your glory right at the heart of it.

At the heart of you.

More next week… x

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