I had a lovely day out and about at a Mind, Body, Spirit Fair yesterday where I was greeted by lots of old friends and familiar faces. It was both inspiring and heart warming to be amongst kindred souls but I noticed something whilst I was there that pointed to a rift in the delivery of the message the universe was asking us to unravel. It’s time to stop over complicating things.

There seemed to be two types of teachers: those skilled in spreading the word and those intent on keeping it mysterious.

It is part of my mission to make spirituality as simple as it can be. No longer do we need to hide in the shadows of mystery schools, creating exclusive clubs speaking a language that very few understand, the universe is crying out for us to be inclusive, to allow all access passes to those who wish to hear.

Keep it simple. Keep it pure. Keep it real.

Principle 4: I AM Truth.

This is a very short post today folks as in the middle of writing it I received a call with some heart breaking news that someone close to me, younger than I am, just passed away … it too reminded me life is far too short to piss about with what needs to be said.

Forgive me if my posts are sporadic for a few days.

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