Nothing is ever quite what it seems, but you may have bought into it anyway. As this weekend blossoms why not take the opportunity to challenge your assumptions: question everything you’ve taken for granted.

I love working with Faerie Oracle cards of which I have many different decks, one particular set contains an archetypal card known as The Thief. He’s a handsome chappy, as faerie glamour is known to have you believe, and its his job to keep you fully engaged, enamoured and distracted while time passes by robbing you of other opportunities and a full life. Waiting is often the killer of dreams and The Thief, whatever his motives, is the tool by which you lose your way.

When you invest in an idea or outcome that requires you to wait, often without guarantees or even any real indication of what it is you are waiting for, there comes a time when you have to assess the real evidence of the productivity of your endeavour and make a real choice based on facts not fantasies.  No one can blame you for walking away… but then there are the constant memes you keep seeing: “Don’t quit right before the miracle!” Are these just another device crafted by The Thief?

You may fall into the category of the eternal optimist and wait indefinitely for your fruit to ripen, but when seasons keep passing by and your tree bears no fruit at all, at what stage do you recognise that what you’re investing your hope in is not in fact actually a fruit tree? The blossom appears every so often just to give you hope but season after season the flowers fall and the tree is barren.

Having planted, nurtured and admired the now magnificent specimen for so long, it may be difficult to give up hope, but you can honour the time and effort you put in every time you tune into the old tree’s wisdom, every time you rest under its shade, but sooner or later you will have to plant new fruit trees or you will continue to go hungry in an ever lasting cycle of disappointment even when the current display of lavishly blossoming boughs looks so promising.

The Thief is unspoken promise.

The Thief is is unfounded hope.

The Thief will rob you of unrealised potential.

Challenge everything you have believed to be fact, question everything you have taken for granted. As beautiful as your Mock Cherry looks, now you have years of evidence as to its true nature, it’s time to invest in a real orchard… Harvest is never guaranteed but experience tells you when a crop is likely.

Principle 2: I AM Detached

Principle 5: I AM Liberated

More later… x

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