I love when the energy of the cards follow with my teaching and the twists of daily life, showing me what I already know in stark detail. Teaching an ascension class earlier in the week I was led to disseminate this very theme among my class members; I promise though that the cards were selected face down simply from the feel of the energy running my fingers over the back of them. Now leaving the comfort zone, hold onto your hats but leave all else behind if need be.

As Principle 5: I AM Liberated, is kissed by the grace of the violet crown chakra you are being asked to question and indeed to relinquish that which you deem to be your idea of security, for the promise of a much greater dream.

God has a plan for you, it has come at last to mirror the plan you have for your own life, or maybe your plan has finally come to mirror the Greater Plan, it makes no difference, what matters is that alignment has been attained and with the arrival of the prize…

Don’t think of the prize as a lottery win or a private jet or indeed anything tangible (although it could be any of those if that’s what you and Source have been co-creating), think more in terms of a new phase and the beginning of a new adventure. Here’s the thing though: to take on the exhilarating ride of this dream made manifest you must give up certain aspects of your comfortable little life.

Some examples might be: a huge promotion at work… but you have to move to a new office in a new city where you don’t know anyone; you win Britain’s Got Talent… but now you can’t visit your Nan without having the paparazzi trying to take photos through her net curtains; you score a major contract in your small business… but now you have to give up the security of the day job and commit to it full time without guarantees; or what about bagging your dream romantic partner? What scary sacrifices might that mean in order to fulfil your hearts desire?

The thing is: that situation you are currently calling your comfort zone is mediocre at best… it has to be in order that you manifested this bigger version of reality… God won’t settle for mediocre from you or for you and He sure as heck won’t settle for static, stagnant standstill… your life, like the rest of the universe is set to the default mode of expansion and therefore life will keep bringing you more.

This week then, no matter how terrifying the idea of letting go of the familiar structures in your life might be, no matter how much your fearful ego wants to talk you out of this opportunity to become so much more than you’ve imagined, give yourself the gift of permission to explore the alternatives.

If you don’t know how to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new, to let go of the baggage, the anchors that prevent you from sailing into the sunset, then at least commit to this:

“Though I may be cautious of the unknown, I AM open to the possibilities.”

Don’t let your mediocre prevent God’s magnificent.

Have an unprecedented transit through this weekend’s new moon into a miraculous week ahead.

More next week… x

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