(Reposted from July 3rd)

Crikey! How did we get to July? Well now that we’ve arrived and it’s the first Monday of the month, let’s us partake of the obligatory challenge day and do what comes naturally.

I don’t know about you but challenges have been coming up thick and fast just recently for me, but I’ve noticed a certain spring in my step, and though the onslaught of the next dilemma does momentarily knock the wind out of me, being solution focused and action oriented has provided a fairly delightful ride across the last few days.

On Saturday I posted the weekly oracle that was about making space for the new to enter, through self care and also surrender… but surrender doesn’t have to be apathetic…

Some things you have no control over. Some things you just have to wait for. Sometimes there is no obvious solution and you need help to find a way… a miracle to reveal the next step. Guess what I’ve been doing all weekend in the in between bits? Kitchen Dancing!

Yes that’s your actual challenge for today too: whenever you cannot control the circumstances standing between you and your next move you should do what comes naturally… find a space, hit play on the cheesy noise maker and freak out! (In a good way).

Some people will tell you there is a right and a wrong way to interpret music with your body but the truth is that your body knows what it needs to do and when nobody’s watching it makes no difference whatsoever… it’s purpose is to get you out of your head and move some energy around.

I’ve been filled with inspiration, joy, tolerance, love, excitement, romantic daydreams, and what’s more, the time has flown by whilst I’ve been having so much fun and I haven’t noticed the irritating bits between emails, programming errors,  migration problems in transferring my website from one provider to another (still on going so apologies for any wobbles in service). In fact, that has become a secondary focus to my primary goal: joyfulness in the face of whatever happens next (actually whatever happens next will have to wait for me now… I’m busy throwing some serious shapes in the kitchen.

Whatever shit you’re faced with today, in the immortal words of Miss Taylor Swift: “Shake it off!” Literally.

Principles 2 & 7

Now, I’d love to hear from you if you accepted this challenge… pop a note in the comments with the name of the song you’re dancing to!

More later… x

(“Because I’m Happeeee-eeee-eeeeee-ee! Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth…”)

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