I thought I’d pop in an impromptu Tuesday offering this week as it’s a very significant day for me. Thirty eight years ago today when I was just a wee skinny seven year old, my daddy passed from this life having uttered my name as his very last conscious declaration.

Each of us has a measured amount of playtime here in the physical, so when the day comes that you leave, it’s good to know you did something special with it… special though, doesn’t need to be world changing, it is just as significant to mean the world to just one or a few people.

It doesn’t end there, tomorrow is the twenty third anniversary of my Nan’s (grandmother’s) passing… one of the strongest most intelligent women I ever had the pleasure of knowing. Both these beautiful souls are ever present yet forever missed in my life.

Life would look very different had they lived longer, not better, not worse just very different. You see, death changes the living, as does new life. We carry with us the teachings, the memories, the love that was shared and we transform it’s best aspects into becoming what we are always meant to become… but if they had stayed here in the physical realm, their influence would have developed and the lessons they left us with would have been superseded by fresh input thus changing the outcome so who you are today, what you know, who you’ve met might be different. The love you know now might not exist in the same form, so bless even their passing as it served you as God intended.

But nobody really left.

There is a tangible feeling today of being lovingly guided, supported and nurtured by the unseen and a reassurance that they who stepped off did so in order that you might become everything you were supposed to become in divine right timing.

On Beltane just gone, I drew together a group of my students in a full day workshop called “The Soul’s Support System” so that they too could feel the benevolence of their ancestral line holding them in eternal embrace through the further development of the Soul Star chakra… and now they never have to feel alone again.

The number 23 has so much meaning for me as a result of this day, more so this year with tomorrow’s 23rd anniversary and whatever it’s numerology or angelic significance, to me it simply means love is eternal, you’re never alone.

Principles 1 & 2

More later… x

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